The Vendor Relations Manager will manage communications and logistics with vendors participating in events at the Folkways plaza at 409 Broadway including the Red River Market and a monthly Night Bazaar.

Red River Market (RRM) / Folkways Market Manager is an event manager and a vendor relations manager responsible operations of the Red River Market, Folkways Food Truck Park, and Monthly Night Bazar. A successful manager understands both the vendors’ and the consumers’ needs and, in conjunction with the Folkways and the Red River Market Board, designs and implements strategies to meet these needs. The manager is required to be on-site at plaza events and available to communicate with vendors outside of event hours. The Vendor Relations Manager works as a part of a team with the Facilities Manager and are under the direction of the Folkways team.


We are community builders who create experiences that connect community and enhance quality of of life.  At Folkways, we use immersive experiences to solve problems like workforce retention, economic vitality, and communal belonging. We're working with small business owners, artists, and musicians to activate urban spaces. 

Red River Market
As the region’s largest farmers’ market, Red River Market attracts over 100,000 visitors a year with over 70 participating vendors. The Red River Market strives to support small to mid-size farms and new and emerging food businesses, to increase access to fresh, locally grown produce, to be a good steward of the planet, and to create a sense of place where all are welcome to gather.

Folkways is transforming the Goodyear parking lot into an urban oasis. This will be a space for business professionals to gather over lunch, a place for families with evening programming, and venue for weekend activities for all. This will include a stage for performances, space for evening movie nights and outdoor dining, and even opportunities for pop up retail shops. On Thursdays and Fridays, the site will be home to a variety of local food trucks with live music. It is also the venue for the Red River Market, Night Bazaars, and other community events.

Night Bazaar
Night Bazaars are a showcase of everything that our community has to offer. This interactive experience will focus on, live entertainment, local food, art, and activities for the whole family, drawing attendees downtown on summer nights. These events will happen monthly and will allow us to carry the activation from Saturdays at the Red River Market throughout the week.


  • 30 hours per week, including Saturdays 7:30am-3:00pm and evening events
  • June 1 - October 31
  • Compensation is $9,000 total for pre-market and market season which will be paid out every other week.
  • Vendor Relations Manager will be provided three Saturdays off and these dates will be pre-approved with the RRM Board at least two weeks prior to the date of absence. 
  • Night Bazaars will take place one Thursday per month.


Managers are required to be available for cell phone contact with Folkways staff and vendors and for regular email contact throughout the duration of their employment. Managers must be willing and able to work outdoors and to safely lift and carry 40 pounds and move actively for extended periods of time.. The position requires the ability to work independently as well as interdependently with a team.

The Vendor Relations Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Develops and maintains good working relationships with vendors, consumers, and community members, groups and organizations
  • Manages vendor applications and inquiries
  • Updates websites with vendor information
  • Conducts new vendor orientations
  • Assists vendors, community representatives, and consumers by providing information, conflict resolution, and general aid as appropriate
  • Maintains and transmits records and reports required by Folkways on a weekly basis including vendor sales data, SNAP data, and other information collected
  • Coordinates vendor setup and teardown on market days
  • Enforces market rules as outlined in the Red River Market Guidelines
  • Assists with volunteer management 
  • Communicates weekly with vendors via email and in person at events
  • Communicates weekly with RRM Board
  • Communicates daily with Folkways
  • Manager may occasionally assist vendors by providing limited set up help and brief personal breaks.
  • Arrives at events to coordinate set-up and stays until all vendors and volunteers have left
  • Ensures safety and cleanliness of the site before, during and at the conclusion of each event
  • Handle cash at the Red River Market and write checks to vendors

The Ideal Candidate

  • Has strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Enjoys making phone calls and can communicate effectively through email 
  • Is able to help resolve conflict, verses avoid it
  • Picks up trash when they see it
  • Is reliable, friendly, and self-motivated
  • Is organized with a high attention to detail
  • Has a flexible schedule for day time meetings and coworking 
  • Has the ability and willingness to work with people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Has access to a vehicle
  • Has access to laptop and cell phone

Core Values

Curiosity - Always striving to have a childlike sense of wonder allows us to be open to new ideas, processes, and points of view. We ask questions to seek a deeper understanding of the people we work with and the problems we are trying to solve.

Communication - At the base of any relationship, any project, or any company is language. How we use our words is what matters. We value open communication and being impeccable with our word both internally and externally.

Hustle - With an emphasis on design thinking and agile processes, the ability to move quickly is critical - but it’s more than just being fast. To hustle is to be smart and work hard. We are ready to work the crowd and run after the ball once the whistle has been blown. 

Community - We are better together. Our vision for our work is to support and nurture those that are hosting culture within our town. This is a community effort. Our work would not be possible without all that has come before us - We are an optimistic bunch who believe that by working together anything can be achieved.