SUNDAY, SEPT 24th, 2:00PM


The parade can be viewed on the river trail anywhere between Dike East Park and 13th Ave S. Parking is available at Dike East Park. The parade will start at 2pm at Dike East Park heading south.

Moorhead Heritage Park

The parade will be passing at approximately 2:00pm and 2:40pm. This viewing location provides easy access to the award ceremony via the pedestrian bridge. 

13th Ave Docks

The parade will be passing at approximately 2:20pm. At the 13th Ave S Viewing area, canoes will turn around to return to Dike East Park heading north. 



Join us for the award ceremony at Dike East Park after the parade at approximately 3:00pm. You'll be able to view the canoes up close, take photos, and talk to the creators.

During the ceremony, the best dressed vessel will be awarded the coveted Golden Paddle Award.